Email Marketing

eMail marketing has proven to be both an efficient and effective means to reach customers and prospects, yet many companies neglect to employ the full power and capabilities of a well-designed eMail campaign.  With a 56:1 ROI and a strongest tactic rating, email marketing topped the charts last year!

The Key Components of Effective eMail Design

  • A professional design that reflects your brand identity and imagery (Attract)
  • A subject line that compels the recipient to read (Attract)
  • An intriguing, benefit-oriented lead-in header that will pique interest and improve the likelihood of your prospect reading more (Attract)
  • A transitional header that provides details to support the lead-in header and serves as a bridge to the body content (Intrigue)
  • Informative and persuasive body content (Inform)
  • Interactive links to your home page or relevant subpages, landing pages, white papers, blogs, product specials, or service offers (Call to Action)
  • A newsletter sign-up form. (Don’t assume that everyone who reads your eMail is already signed up. Intriguing eMails can be forwarded to thousands of new prospects.) (Call to Action)
  • A strong and suggestive offer (Call to Action)


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